Children’s Choir from Bosbury primary school

Sun 07 May | 3:00 PM     The Great Barn



A delightful choir concert by pupils from Bosbury primary school, where they will showcase work developed since January in preparation for the festival. They will be singing, amongst other pieces, the song Cycle Orlaff The Dragon, a beautiful story about love and friendship between a lonely dragon and a little boy. The music is composed by Eileen Randall .

Led by experienced choir conductor and inspirational teacher, Daniella Hathaway, the activity with the children, is based on the Kodaly method – a practical, fun and long-established approach to training the musical ear. Through singing games and rhymes, the children have a chance to sing both as a group and individually, exploring simple folk melodies from around the British Isles, as well as songs and rhymes from other English-speaking countries.

Come and join us this afternoon for our opening concert where we celebrate music, singing, and our new generations.