Hellensmusic offers talented students the opportunity to learn with some of the best professionals in the classical music world. Students from music schools and colleges in the UK and beyond are welcome Hellens for a week to work intensely with renowned professionals taking a series of solo masterclasses, chamber music classes, and music improvisation sessions.

Our aim is to create a rich and inspiring musical week that can fast-track meaningful learning. Besides the masterclasses, students perform with their tutors the festival’s concerts, engage with them at meals and breaks, and see them in action at rehearsals and performances. We provide a unique setting for informal learning, which sets Hellensmusic apart from other masterclass programmes.

There are vacancies for piano, strings, oboe, bassoon and horn students who are at advanced music conservatory level and seriously preparing for a performing career in music, ages 18-26.

Deadline for applications is Monday 29 January 2024.